Discovery Learning was established in 1994 to provide a dynamic and professional training and development service to both the public sector and industry groups.

We enable teams and organisations to have real conversations, bringing out the best in individuals and teams whilst clarifying organisational purpose, structure, roles and responsibilities.

How We Work

Our Team of learning facilitators and business coaches strategically integrate organisational leadership, systems, language and behaviours.

We focus on Effective People Skills to enable people to form, maintain and improve professional relationships. These skills lead to developing a working environment that is supportive without removing responsibility.

We are a global Training, Development & Facilitation Service

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Dynamic Training

We start where you are, an inclusive process from start to finish ensuring ownership of both process and content, delivering tangible outcomes. Sustained results through people effectiveness.


We can easily mobilise in any country from the board room to the shop floor to remote bush environments without compromise to learning outcomes. Our expertise comes from over 25yrs experience across a diverse range of cultures, organisations and environments.

Adult Learning

We have a commitment to and expertise in adult learning principles and interactive training practices. Our training programs often become a ‘significant event’, enabling participants to commit to continued personal development and change back in the workplace.

Special Projects

The Discovery Learning team thrive on difference, challenge and opportunity.

We organise special journeys and life experiences...

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